OWES’ Top 10 Ryan Adams Songs

d138c563 I was planning for this post to be a celebratory one. I was going to be bragging how I had just bagged myself a couple of Ryan Adams tickets for his upcoming show at the Albert Hall in Manchester but alas, this cruel world had different ideas. After groggily arriving home at 6:00am following a 12hr nightshift, I set my alarm for 9:45am in order to be up and ready to purchase the tickets before returning happily to my slumber. For some reason my alarm did not go off and when I awoke at 2:00pm to find the show was sold out I was a little grumpy to say the least. Nevertheless, I thought I’d compile a list of my top 10 favourite Ryan Adams songs for you to check out. I became a fan of Ryan Adams’ after hearing his 2001 album Gold and have followed his career ever since. Adams seems to be able to effortlessly shift between styles, his LP’s cover genres such as folk, blues, country, rock and roll and more, he is a master of them all. Since he came to prominence as a solo performer in 2000 with his debut album Heartbreaker, the American alt-country singer-songwriter has released some pretty great music. I had a tough time trying to put this list together, there are just too many brilliant songs to choose from. I went with my gut on a lot of the decisions, opting for songs that mean more to me rather than going with his more popular songs. I also have a real soft spot for Adams’ lyrics so I’ve included my favourite line from each song. (The list does not include any tracks with The Cardinals). Ryan Adams releases his new self titled album on September 9th, you can here the first single from the LP titled ‘Give Me Something Good’ here. 10. So Alive – Rock and Roll

“Today I watched the boats/moving through the harbour/walking on water/in your arms I’ll stay”.   9. Oh My God, Whatever, Etc. – Easy Tiger

“If I could I’d fold myself away like a card table/a concertina or a murphy bed/I would/but I wasn’t made that way”   8. Strawberry Wine – 29

“Can you still have any famous last words/If you’re someone that nobody knows/I don’t know”   7. Avalanche – Love Is Hell

“She falls apart in the avalanche/fades out like a dance/crawls back into bed/when it’s over”   6. Wild Flowers – Gold

“Forever only takes its toll on some/But, tonight you’re sleeping alone without him”   5. The Rescue Blues – Gold

“Everyone wants to see you suffer/they know that you need the pain so much”   4. To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High) – Heartbreaker

“Oh one day when you’re looking back/you were young and man you were sad”   3. Lucky Now – Ashes and Fire

“Waiting outside while you find your keys/like bags of trash in the blackening snow/city of neon and toes that freeze/we got nothing and nowhere to go”   2. This House Is Not For Sale – Love Is Hell

“Do you remember when we even bought this thing?/I danced you across the wooden floor and you signed the lease”   1. Firecracker – Gold

“Well, everyone wants to go forever/i just want to burn up hard and bright/I just want to be your firecracker/and maybe be your baby tonight”


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