EP Review: Baby Brave – King Horse


Baby Brave is a noise pop band from Wrexham, Wales. Formerly known as Baby Brave and the Love Bites, the group’s debut EP The Hornet’s Nest Of Unrequited Ambition That Was 1960’s Vogue introduced to the world 5 wonderfully crafted pop gems. After a slight line-up change and a shortening of their moniker, the quartet released their follow-up 4 track EP titled King Horse on August 1st.

King Horse is split straight down the middle; those of you who enjoyed the band’s previous output and were hoping for more of the same will be happy to hear that the single ‘Oyannax’ and earworm ‘Jitters’ build on the formula that made their previous guise so alluring. The other side to the EP is a slightly different affair, ‘Colours’ and standout track ‘Wrists’ showcase a darker, more ambitious side to the group and in my opinion it’s a glove that fits far better.

This EP is a triumph, there is no doubt about that, the band’s use of different sounds and textures makes it a more interesting listen than its predecessor. Baby Brave are evolving into something really special and King Horse is a stepping stone for a band on their way towards greater things. Watch this space.

King Horse is available to buy/stream here


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