New Soundz #9: Tweedy – Low Key


Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy and his eldest son Spencer released their debut album last week under the moniker Tweedy, titled Sukierae. For those of you itching for a new Wilco album, this 20 song double LP will be more than enough to whet your appetite. For the most part Sukierae is made up of beautifully simple, often quite sad folk-rock songs; with Jeff Tweedy only showcasing his more experimental side on the song ‘Diamond Light Pt 1’.

For me, double albums can sometimes prove quite a slog, I’m not able to devour music the way a lot of people do, so when you put an album with 20 songs in front of me I’m not usually eager to dive in. Jeff himself recently said in an interview that Sukierae was designed to be listened in two parts, so that’s exactly what I did and what a rewarding listen it has proven to be.

I could have picked any song from Sukierae to share with you, the father-son duo don’t drop the ball on many of the tracks but it was the kooky video for new single ‘Low Key’ that swayed my decision (Check it out below). ‘Low Key’ is a catchy ditty, playfully autobiographical and a break from the more serious songs on the LP. Have a listen.

Low Key (Official Video)


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