New Soundz #11: Sparrowhawks – All That I Am Holding Is Your Hand


I’ve been a bit lazy with the blog recently, busy doing other things and mainly just listening to Nick Cave but when I heard this song I had to write about it.

Sparrowhawks are Sophie Ballamy (Vocals,Guitar), Jay Ronan (Guitar, Vocals), Ben Griffiths (Bass, Vocals) and Ash Turner (Drums) and the group reside just down the road from me in Chester. The quartet already have two EP’s under their belt and are set to release their new EP titled Cool Down Your Blood on November 10th via the Wrexham DIY label Drum With Our Hands.

Having not heard anything from the band before ‘All That I Am Holding Is Your Hand’ is a perfect introduction to an obviously talented group; its summery shimmer, rumbling beat and infectious harmonies are more than enough to get me excited about hearing more.

Check out the official video below.

Like it? Hear more over at Sparrowhawks’ Bandcamp page


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